Mandulis Energy’s fearless Founder & CEO, Peter BenHur Nyeko

5 Questions with Mandulis Energy

Mandulis is one of the star companies from the 2017 Laudato si’ Challenge. Because of their success, and the grace and gratitude of their CEO, Peter BenHur Nyeko, they are back this year with new momentum and a bold Commitment to Impact

We have a duty to our vulnerable brothers and sisters: a duty of justice, of civility and of solidarity.

— His Holiness Pope Francis

“To help fulfill The 2019 Laudato si’ Challenge mission to prevent forced displacement, MANDULIS ENERGY commits to working with a funding partner, a non-profit partner and a faith-sector partner, to help 200,000 farming families, in sub-Saharan Africa — beginning with Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana — to improve their incomes, and to access affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, so that they may remain where they want to be: their homes.”

Taking up the challenges of Pope Francis’ Laudato sì, The Laudato sì Challenge seeks to answer the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth through bold action.